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Leading adult education through support for and the effective application of technology.

TDLS 2023 - Welcome and Keynote: Leading, Learning and Working Across Differences & Distance


This keynote will focus on how to lead, learn, and work across differences during shifting organizational, political, and social dynamics. Attendees of the Technology and Distance Learning Symposium will have common language rooted in terms such as diversity, equity, and belonging as they relate to Adult Education and the schooling process. Recommendations and strategies will be discussed to foster positive working conditions by ensuring equitable and affirming learning environments. Finally, recommendations and strategies centered on cultivating positive relationships centering around belonging and rooted in physical, emotional, and psychological safety for the health and sustainability of students in the virtual, traditional, and hybrid educational models.

Neda Anasseri, OTAN
Cherina Betters, San Bernardino COE

DATE: 3/3/2023

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