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TDLS 2023 - Four Easy Steps to Improving Student Writing Skills


Writing is a universal skill that adult education students often find very challenging. The CASAS Writing Assessments are designed to automate the process of analyzing student's writing skills and identifying areas for improvement. These two tests -- used in parallel or standalone -- help agencies quickly assess the writing ability of Low Intermediate through Advanced level students. The Essay Test is delivered online within the CASAS eTests environment using a word processor. The student writes 1-3 paragraphs in response to a current topic and the "autoscorer" tool creates a report immediately. No more delays! The Language assessment examines how well the student understands the mechanical components of English, nouns, verbs, phrases, and punctuation, and gives detailed results including their CCR Language level and specific areas needing improvement. Whether you're preparing for a HSE exam, writing an essay for college, or communicating on the job, good writing skills are invaluable.

Janice Fera, CASAS
Luke Philley, CASAS

DATE: 3/3/2023

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