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TDLS 2023 - Teaching with YouTube and Other Video Apps


Part 1: Intro *How do you use videos now? Part 2: How-to (hands on demo) *Create a YouTube channel *Import content into your YouTube channel *Create playlists to deliver targeted content to Adult Learners *Resources to populate your Channel *Other video apps: TikTok, Vimeo, etc Part 3: Application *Adding Closed Captions *Identify strategies to videos in and outside of the classroom *Transitioning from student content consumer to content creator *Use apps to facilitate student response and content creation: Canvas, FlipGrid, clips, presentations saved as mp4 Note: This reflects the teacher's experience of applying the Triple E Framework in an effort to transform the use of videos from a passive student activity to a more fully engaged student-centric lesson.

Jennifer Gagliardi, SCOE

DATE: 3/3/2023

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