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TDLS 2023 - Technology-enhanced learning (TEL)


The teaching activity has changed with the internet or devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. It is now possible to use other forms of education and different means of learning, which allow technology to focus on education towards teamwork, the critical capacity of students, allow expanding the scope of teaching beyond the traditional classroom. allow expanding the scope of teaching beyond the traditional classroom. enable new formulas for approaching the theoretical and practical parts of the subjects. increase access to education and foster interactivity. simplify the action of sharing educational materials or information, both for teachers and students. invite you to continue learning and developing knowledge or to improve your skills with extra content or digital books. facilitate connection and participation between educational centers regardless of location.


DATE: 3/4/2023

NOTE TO VIEWERS: This video has a few issues with color contrast in a few sections where graphics, or websites, are viewed. Although the content is not affected, there may be areas more difficult to see for those with vision impairments.

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