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TDLS 2023 - Positive Effects of Zoom for Adults with Disabilities/Low Level Learners


When COVID shut our schools, we were concerned about accessibility for our students with disabilities, but Zoom provided a rich environment for students to learn. Our students kept attending throughout the pandemic and our classes did not see the losses that other classes had. We are instructors at the San Diego College of Continuing Education for the Disability Support Programs and Services. 1. Introductions. Elisia Doonan and Joy Cole, Daily Communication Skills/Community Living Skills, Marie Doerner Basic Education and Creative Writing 2. Getting our students onto Zoom- Sending out the link, Etiquette and Interactivity 3. Online, Hyflex and Hybrid classes We will share our tips to engage students 3. Websites to enhance and extend learning 4. Assistive devices for students who need alternatives 5. Questions and Answers

Marie Doerner, San Diego College of Continuing Education
Elisia Doonan, San Diego College of Continuing Education
Joy Cole, San Diego College of Continuing Education

DATE: 3/4/2023

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