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TDLS 2023 - Using Coaching Cycles to Create Data Visualizations for Decision Making


The goal of this presentation is to demonstrate how instructional and technology coaches and leaders can collect and transform data to make coaching and instructional decisions. Ultimately, the goal is to support teacher instructional and technology integration growth as well as put teachers in positions to amplify student learning. Instructional and technology coaches have a variety of different types of coaching interactions with teachers and staff. From observation, co-planning, and co-teaching, to professional development, coaches have many interactions with teachers at one or more school sites. Coaches and leaders need to collect and utilize data to determine instructional trends and coaching cycles with individuals or groups of teachers to measure progress and work towards continuous improvement. Using various EdTech tools, coaches can collect data and review quantitative and qualitative data in real-time through data visualizations to support them in making these decisions.

Matthew Rhoads, Education to Career of North San Diego County

DATE: 3/4/2023

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