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TDLS 2023 - Copyright, Creative Commons, and OER are your FRIEND!



This session will introduce the use of both public domain materials, and those licensed under Open Educational Resources and Creative Commons to help educators and students find, understand, and reuse these materials for the classroom and personal use. Every year many copyright protected materials are released from their copyright license and made available under public domain. Understanding where these resources are, and how they can be used for business, instruction, and personal use will ensure no protected materials are used resulting in unwanted legal attention. Although these materials are available at no cost, everyone needs to be cautious about checking the license on materials they wish to use.


DATE: 03/03/2023

Note to viewers: This video has a few issues with color contrast in a few sections where graphics, or websites, are viewed. Although the content is not affected, there may be areas more difficult to see for those with vision impairments.


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